BLT high power series designed for metal sheet production industry and adopts EtherCAT bus technology. BLT640 featured by easy-install-and-adjust benefits, and robust performance, is the most intelligent laser on the market.

Technical Data

Control system
FSCUT8000 system HypCut software
Control unit
Interface type
POE LAN cable
Fixed focal length
Magnification of spot
Power rating
Focal range


Focusing lens
Monitor focusing lens status and detect lens pollution
Ambient temperature
Monitor focusing lens environment temperature
Cavity temperature
Monitor laser head cavity temperature avoid thermal effect to optical device
Cavity humidity
Monitor cavity humidity and avoid dewing
Cavity pressure
Monitor cavity pressure and cavity seal tightness
Protective window
Monitor protective window temperature to guarantee cutting quality
Gas pressure
Monitor output gas flow in production and avoid gas pressure fluctuation damaging cutting edge quality
Monitor distance from workpiece and nozzle
Ambient temperature
Monitor ambient temperature around sensor head
Cut gas temperature
Monitor gas temperature to avoid heated gas affecting cutting edge quality


BLT640 fits for 6000W-12000W range fiber laser cutting machine. With leading edge design and technology, it has robust performance working under industrial environment. BLT640 can work with FSCUT laser cutting system seamlessly that can improve your production efficiency to a higher level.

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