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(Basics) Machining Control

(Basics) Machining Control This article only describes […]

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(Quick Start) Software Preparation

(Quick Start) Software Preparation Install CypCut and m […]

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TubesT-Lite is a free software to generate toolpath for FSCUT tube cutting system. It's designed for CypTube/TubePro, can import part from external igs file, draw the part of standard shape and array-nest the part on the tube.
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BCL0810E and BCL4508E are extension board for FSCUT control system. Applied in pallet changer, auto loading application that require more I/O resource.
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TubePro designed for professional tube cutting, supports production of tube and profile of various shape. It works with TubesT nesting software seamlessly to realize technique setting, advanced toolpath generation and nesting for standard and special production need.
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BCL4516 and BCL4516E are I/O extension modules served to provide more I/O resource for FSCUT control system. BCL4516E also provides one extra servo control port and two channels DA output. Applied in pallet changer, auto loading application that require more I/O resource.
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BCL1501A/1501B are extension modules for extra servo axes output and axes switch in combo machine. BCL1501A served to switch controlled servo axes in combo machine. BCL1501B served to duplicate one servo axis control port into two synchronized servo axes control ports.
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BMH510 is an automated ink-jet printing system designed for laser cutting machine. It can generate print label in rtf, bar code, QR code and image format. Quick and precise label printing can save a lot human resource and avoid man made errors. Work with MES system will facilitate factory management and production, widely used in large quantity metal sheet production scenario.
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BLT high power series designed for metal sheet production industry and adopts EtherCAT bus technology. BLT641 featured by easy-install-and-adjust benefits, and robust performance, is the most intelligent laser on the market.
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FSCUT7000 is EtherCAT system developed for ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond laser precision cutting. Adopting latest algorithm and EtherCAT technology, by standard communication protocol and parallel PLC, it can achieve high speed and precision laser control of 0.1um~10um interval (PSO), and highly automated production.
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