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FSCUT3000S system is designed for tube cutting control, support standard tube(retangle, circle, oval, ellipse and obround etc.) , free form , and steel channels(T/U/H/L shape) production.

Technical Data

Adaptive software
TubePro tube cutting software/ CypCut plane sheet cutting software
Control card
Interface type
32-bit PCI bus, 33MHz
I/O terminal board
Power supply
24V DC/2A
Motor control signal
X/Y1/Y2/W axis pulse output, maximum frequency 3MHz
X/Y1/Y2 axis with encoder input interface, maximum sampling frequency 10MHz
W axis port can be assigned to rotary axis or autofocus unit
Work environment
Temperature: 0-55 ℃
5%-95% (no condensation)
Dedicated input
8 limit inputs:Positive and negative limit for X/Y1/Y2/W axis
4 origin inputs:X / Y1 / Y2 / W axis origin
Dedicated output
2 DA: 0~10V,50mA
1 PWM with 5V/24V for option, precision of 5KHz (0.1%)
Common input
15 inputs: 12 are low-level active, 3 inputs can jump-wire switch to high-level active.
Common output
8 outputs:Relay output, load capacity 250V AC/5A, 30V DC/5A
12 outputs:Thyristor output, DC 24V/500mA


Cutting technique
Offset tube center deviation from chuck rotation center in real time to lower the requirement of tube clamping and improve the through-hole piercing precision.
Support profiles of L/H/T/U shape cutting.
Support setting separate corner cutting parameter to improve the sharp corner quality.
Support auto loading/unloading tube material, cycle production and standard tube feeding process.
Compatible with all functions of FSCUT2000 laser cutting system
Control Performance
Open loop control system adopts Friendess 5th generation algorithm of motion control.
Trajectory accuracy 0.02 mm, positioning accuracy 0.001 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy 0.003 mm.
Monitor encoder feedback in real time. Access the machine toolpath accuracy by error measure function.



Applied in tube cutting or tube-sheet in-one machine.Widely used in furniture/display shelf/architecture/sport equipment etc. industries.

WKB Wireless hand-held remote


BCL3766 I/O terminal board


BMC1805 Control card


C62-2/5/10 62-pin cable


C37-2/5/10 37-pin cable


C15-1.5/2.5/4 Servo cable


TubesT TubesT
TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software designed for CypTube/TubePro laser cutting system. From parts drawing and modification, full type compensation, strategic nesting to report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.

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