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FSCUT8000 is EtherCAT bus system designed for ultra high power fiber laser above 8KW, featured by out of box service, easy to install and adjust, full solution functions. It supports customization, automation and informatization solutions, is the leading edge EtherCAT laser cutting control system on the market.

Technical Data

Model HypTronic HypPanel HPL2720E BCS100E
Hardware CPU Intel I5 6440EQ(4-core 3.4GHz) Panel 21.5 inch 1080P Capacitive multi-touch screen
Overall highest output2.5A
Maximum acceleration 3G
Memory Dual-channel 8G DDR4-2133 Communication BC-LINK video and data transmission (100m)
Single channel highest output 700mA
Maximum speed 999mm/s
Disk 64GB SSD mSATA Feature Multi-function rotary knob Communication EtherCAT Bus (100M) Communication EtherCAT Bus (100M)
System 64-bit Windows 10 LTSB Operation 17 operation buttons (include E-Stop) Accuracy PWM accuracy:50KHz (0.1%) Accuracy 0.001mm
Data BC-LINK * 1
Common input * 27
DVI-D * 1
Button Button * 15
NPN type (3PNP)
EtherCAT * 1
Knob Knob * 1
DA * 4
EtherNET *3
E-stop E-STOP * 1
PWM * 1PWM * 1
USB USB 3.0 * 4 USB USB 2.0 * 2
Common output * 20
Thyristor 24V output
Power supply Voltage DC 24V Voltage DC 24V Voltage DC 24V Voltage AC 220V
Current 4A Current 3A Current 3.5A Current 1A
Pre-install RTOS real time system
Support up to 100m USB and display signal of stable transmission
Support up to 32 I/O slave-station extension
PRECITEC laser head can work with BCS100E-PRO height controller


Function performance
Technique: multiple piercing solutions for metal sheet of different thickness; piercing slags removal; vibration suppression; close-loop gas control; seperate layer technique for large, medium and small contour cutting, all to expand your machine production capability.
Vision remnant reuse: capture remnant sheet by your phone camera or machine camera to reuse the material with high efficiency.
Find edge: up to 500mm/s high speed with precision find sheet edge, also provie optional find edge patterns to meet your production needs.
File formats: support direct production of DXF and G code; support fast process of LXDS and NRP file generated by CypNest.
UI: easy operation with guided and visualized interface.
Automation: support coil feeding production, large format production, and sheet-tube combo cutting solutions.
Convenient maintenance: support focus correction, optical pollution check photo paper, and osciloscope monitor functions.
Digitalization: provide access with Laser Cloud and MES to collect machine status data and inform maintenance to prolong machine usage.
Assist functions: quick cut-off remnant sheet, auto clean nozzle, auto lubrication, pallet changer, dust extractor that add selling points to your machine.
Control performance
BC-Link: self-developed BC-Link technology to realize long distance transmission of display, I/O and USB signals.
PID self-adjust: click to finish servo drive PID adjust, theoretical control accuracy within ±0.01mm.
Intelligent hardware: support ethercat proportational valve, laser and laser head to realize full-close loop control.
Secruity: torque protection to reduce impact, dual-drive positin error correction, barrier avoidance in travel, smart frog-leap lifting.
Accuracy: theoretical path accuracy ±0.005mm, positioning accuracy 0.01mm, repositioning accuracy 0.01mm.
Speed: maximum acceleration 5G, maximum single spindle speed 300m/min.
Communication: adopt RTOS real time solution, communication cycle 1ms.
Algorithm: adopt asymmetrical acceleration and deceleration algorithm, reduce machine impact and prolong machine service.
Height control: ethercat BCS100-E height control unit, provide robust performance in distance follow and control.


Fit for fiber laser cutting machine above 8000W. Widely used in metal sheet fabricating factory, automation line and large fabrication station.

HPL2720E HPL2720E


BCS100E Height control unit


HypTronic HypTronic


HypPanel HypPanel


WKB-V6H Wireless hand-held remote


BCL-AMP Preamplifier


HC-15/HC-20 4-pin cable


SPC-140/SPC-180/140B/180B RF cable


LAN-3X/LAN-0.3X/1X/7X/17X Network cable


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