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CypCut sheet cutting software is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks.

Auto Optimize Imported Drawing CypCut will automatically optimize the errors when import drawing, delete duplicates and invisible graphic, smooth curve and join line segments etc.
Graphical Cutting Technique Setting Graphical design of technique setting, quick and easy to finish setting of lead line, micro-joint and kerf width compensation etc. of single or large quantity parts.
Flexible Production Mode CypCut provides floating and workpiece coordinates for small and large quantity production.
Statistic of Production Thorough and timely statistic of machine production to help you manage the task schedule.
Precise Edge Finding Support capacitance and photo-electric sensing to find workpiece edge and offset sheet placement angle.
Dual-Drive Error Offset Auto correct the dual-drive position error each time after machine axes return origin.
Software download
CypCut Other
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Update Log
Update Log
Used in FSCUT2000C System
Major updates
1. Support remote data and task access by Ray Box;
2. Support one-click save troubleshoot file;
3. Add monitor window in portrait display;
4. Support focus offset in temperature rise of Precitec laser head;
5. Support QR code generation and marking;
6. Support pressure holding device in hydraulic pallet changer;
7. Support transfer text for ink-jet printing;
8. Support to control external ink-jet printing in production;
9. Support advertising character design and modification tools;
10. Optimize multi-language display.
CypCut User Manual_V6.5 CypCut User Manual

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