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Set Nest Strategy

Nest strategy is to help determine the balance between […]

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Check Nest Report and Sheet Utilization Rate

You can click Report in t he main menu to check nesting […]

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Add Gap on Co-edge

How to add a gap on the common line, aka the co-edged? […]

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HypCut is customized software developed for high-power laser cutting. A professional process is provided for high-power laser cutting, which can realize intelligent production. It supports the planning and scheduling to assist production management; its modular design provides users with more concise and efficient operations and assists users in quickly completing production.
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Show/Hide Remnant Plate Background

After importing the remnant photo, the background is sh […]

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Add Leadlines to Co-edged Parts

Question 1: Why leadlines cannot be added to the outer […]

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Part nest-in-hole

When a part is recognized as a part in CypNest, its inn […]

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Set InkJet labels

“Label” function “Label” functi […]

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Friendess CypCutE 2D cutting software is for medium power EtherCAT cutting system. CypCutE is easy to use, rich in functions, stable and reliable. It has advanced functions such as "Smooth MicroJoint", "Fast Cutting" and "Circle Center" to meet various processing needs.
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BLT 5 Series
BLT 5 Series smart cutters are especially developed for high-power tube cutting. Right angle optical path ensures stable cutting performance by moderating fiber swings. New designed mechanical structure supports 400MM×400MM H beam cutting. Multiple sensors combine with Auto Recut and Smart Piercing function bring you a safe, effective, and stable production.
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