FSCUT4000E, the enhanced FSCUT2000!


FSCUT4000E, the enhanced FSCUT2000!

What is FSCUT4000E?

FSCUT4000E is a cost-effective CNC system dedicated to laser cutting. It is based on EtherCAT bus technology and capable of motion control, laser control, and cutting gas control. It is widely used in sheet metal, kitchen ware, lamps and such industries.


  • Hareware: BMC2284, WKB, BCL4566E, and BCL-AMP
  • Software: CypCutE and CypNest


  • Fast Cutting: speed up sheet metal cutting

  • Smooth MicroJoint: unloading in batches

  • Circle Center: Auto center on circular plate and start cutting

  • One-Path FlyCut: improve cutting efficiency…

What is new?

The laser cutting bus control system (referred to as the EtherCAT system) has higher scalability and stronger anti-interference. In recent years, it has rapidly replaced other types of control systems and has become the mainstream direction of laser cutting control system development. Today, the EtherCAT system has been widely used in high-power laser cutting machines above 10,000 watts.

Friendess adheres to the core concept of customer-centered, and is committed to making laser plane cutting more efficient and stable. It has tailored a cost-effective bus system for 3kw-8kw medium-power laser cutting-FSCUT4000E, which helps improve the efficiency of medium-power plane laser cutting. 

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