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CypOne is a cost-effective solution designed for advertising industry that mainly involved in thin metal sheet production. It fits in low power range laser machine, can realize functions of drawing process, toolpath generation, technique setting, laser focus control and pallet changer etc., to meet your production needs of high efficiency and quality.
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CypCut sheet cutting software is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks.
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TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software designed for CypTube/TubePro laser cutting system. From parts drawing and modification, full type compensation, strategic nesting to report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.
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CypNest is a nesting software designed for CypCut/HypCut sheet laser cutting system. It integrates advanced functions of drawing modification, quick nesting, toolpath generation, analysis report and more to meet your production needs.
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CypVision system is designed as an extended vision system for Friendess laser cutting control system.The system applies Gigabit Ethernet communication and self-developed adaptive algorithms to realize precision cutting of various material including stainless steel/ copper/ aluminum/ ceramics/ glass and PCB circuit board etc., in many industries of aluminum substrate, 3C, vision tube cutting and glasses frame etc.In addition, CypVision supports to customize vision functions for different application scenarios.
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BCS100 capacitive height controller provides excellent performance in distance control. It served as height follow unit for FSCUT laser cutting control system via Ethernet communication, can realize functions including height sensing, segmented and stepping pierce process, detect and find workpiece edge, vibration suppression etc. Latest anti-collision function can effectively avoid tip-up collision risk in production.
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FSCUT8000 is EtherCAT bus system designed for ultra high power fiber laser above 8KW, featured by out of box service, easy to install and adjust, full solution functions. It supports customization, automation and informatization solutions, is the leading edge EtherCAT laser cutting control system on the market.
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FSCUT5000 series is EtherCAT bus system specially designed for fiber laser tube cutting machine. FSCUT5000A applied to 3-chuck delivering structure, FSCUT5000B applied to 2-chuck structure, work with TubesT 3D nesting software, it will achieve most efficiency and minimum waste.
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FSCUT4000 is a close loop laser cutting control system designed for high speed and precision application. It provides most advanced technology that allows to self-adjust and cross-coupling control tool path in production, offers user defined and flexible piercing technique, supports position synchronized output (PSO) etc.
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FSCUT3000S system is designed for tube cutting control, support standard tube(retangle, circle, oval, ellipse and obround etc.) , free form , and steel channels(T/U/H/L shape) production of high precision and efficiency.
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